Major traffic congestion is bringing Dublin to a standstill, but motorists remain reluctant to give up their cars.

As schools reopen after the summer holidays, Dublin motorists are experiencing lengthy traffic delays, with many people complaining their journey times have doubled.

The most pressing problem is the time spent sitting behind the steering wheel, which is getting longer by the week. Gridlock is not the only issue; many drivers are rat running through estates such as Rathdown Park in Templeogue. Gardaí are on duty there to stop drivers taking a short-cut through the estate.

Motorists bringing pupils to primary and post-primary schools are getting the blame for the gridlock.

The kids are back in school so all the women are back in their cars, you can see the difference.

Opting to take the bus is not proving a better option, as the buses are also getting caught up in the traffic jams.

The service is good but I mean the traffic is very bad.

The number of new cars on the road is increasing every day and some families are using two or even three cars in the morning.

Rather than giving up the car entirely, many people are choosing to get up earlier in a bid to beat the traffic. This could lead to peak traffic starting at 6:30 am.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 September 1998. The reporter is Carole Coleman.