Dublin Corporation gets tough on illegal parking with the introduction of clamping.

Director of Traffic with Dublin Corporation Owen Keegan is pleased with the new system which is being operated by the American company Control Plus.

There has been a two week lead up period to the introduction of clamping, with yellow warning stickers being placed on the windows of cars illegally parked advising motorists

That if they persist with that kind of parking behaviour that they could expect to be clamped beginning this week.

From now on motorists who are parking on yellow lines, loading bays and bay-parking areas will be clamped and motorists will have to pay £65 to have their vehicles declamped. Clamping will be followed up by a vehicle removal service and it will cost £135 to get a car back, plus an additional daily fee for the length it stays in the car compound.

The results so far have been encouraging from Dublin Corporation’s perspective as there has been a dramatic improvement in parking behaviour, although there is a small number of motorists who have yet to get the message.

Overall from our point of view we've achieved a dramatic improvement in compliance with parking regulations and that was the whole objective of the exercise.

If there is any relapse in public behaviour they will find their cars clamped, but Keegan is confident the good behaviour will last as people can see Dublin Corporation are serious about tackling illegal parking. 

Charging £65 and £135 ensures the system operates on a break even basis.

We don’t intend making money out for this contract, we certainly don’t intend losing money.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 August 1998. The reporter is Seán O’Rourke.