The Son Of Town Hall a makeshift raft arrived in Castletownbere Harbour from Newfoundland after a sixty-day transatlantic voyage.

Three men, one woman and three dogs were on board the 'The Son Of Town Hall' as it was accompanied into Irish waters by the Irish Naval Service on the LÉ Ciara.

The craft was built almost entirely from scrap metal and discarded wood.

The four who say they are poor artists, unable to afford other transport encountered fierce Atlantic storms but with the simplest of navigational equipment, they entered Irish waters.

Having docked in Castletownbere in West Cork, crew member and explorer Roger Doncaster had an environmental message. 

As a great adventure, the idea is to show people that you can take the stuff that you have around you and recycle it, make use of it, whether it's art or a place to live or a way to travel.

For Edward Garry, the trip was an adventure and pushed the limits just a bit.

The boat, which was designed by crew member Poppino Neutrino, has been sealed off by Customs Officials for examination. The only woman on board Aurella Neutrino is now looking forward to some fresh food after two months of canned and dried food. 

The four members of the crew are now ashore and are believed to be staying in the Castletownbere area. The dogs are in quarantine. 

After repairs to the engine are complete, the group plans to head for the Mediterranean and on to India.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 August 1998. The reporter is Michael Mulqueen.