The leather covered boat 'Brendan' sets off on a voyage following the route that Saint Brendan took to America in the sixth century.

RTÉ News film shows Tim Severin and his crew preparing to set sail, equipment and supplies are loaded on board the vessel on the Dingle peninsula. A crowd gathers on the shore to wish the adventurers well as the 'Brendan' is escorted out of the harbour by smaller craft. 

The 36 foot currach left Brandon creek with its five man crew including George Maloney and Arthur Mangan in an attempt to retrace the voyage of Brendan the Navigator. Built in Crosshaven, the vessel will make a 4,000 mile journey ending in Newfoundland. The boat's frame is made of ash and oak, the covering is made of ox-hide, while the sails are made of goat skin. 

This footage was broadcast as part of an RTÉ News report on 17 May 1976.