A suggestion that some Kilkenny graveyards could become public parks gets a mixed reaction from the people of the city.

Kilkenny Corporation's proposals to turn a number of old graveyards into public parks are met with mixed reactions. One woman is aghast at the plan to have the graveyards made into public spaces.

It’s disgraceful I think they shouldn't even think of turning it into a park.

Another woman agrees, adding

Children have plenty of places to play besides in graveyards.

Another woman also believes the graveyards should not be tampered with because,

I've been passing up and down from it all my life and I think of it as a graveyard, I'm sure some of my ancestors must be buried there.

However, one man would like to see the graveyard in Saint John's in Kilkenny turned into a basketball pitch.

I don't think we'd be doing any harm to the dead playing by basketball in it.

Another supporter for change agrees,

I think it's an ideal place to play for children, especially in summertime.

Another woman finds it hard to disassociate the area from being a graveyard.

Children have been playing in it for ages, I played in it myself, but I often bless myself, I bless myself every time I pass it, I still think it’s a graveyard.

Liam McGrath is spearheading the opposition against the graveyards becoming public parks. He is adamant he is doing this for the right reasons and is not seeking notoriety. He firmly believes it is

An act of desecration to have these graveyards uprooted and levelled off and as one of our town councillors said lately, to have them made into public parks.

Speaking in favour of Kilkenny Corporation's plans, Michael J McGuinness Mayor of Kilkenny accepts putting seats in graveyards will probably lead to children playing there, but he does not feel the dead would object.

A 'Newsbeat' report broadcast on 21 March 1968. The reporter in Bill O'Herlihy.