Funderland offers white knuckle stomach churning rides and the Globe of Death along with some more gentle paced attractions.

Funderland, the biggest indoor funfair in Europe is coming to the RDS Simmonscourt pavilion in Ballsbridge. Among the usual attractions on offer are the roller coaster on undulating tracks, the big wheel, dodgems and chair-o-planes.

New funfair attractions include the Astro-Liner modelled on the Space Shuttle, a Viking ship and the star of the show, the Globe of Death. 

In the Globe of Death, Brazilian Humberto Fonsaca and Englishman Speedy Cliff ride their Yamaha motorcycles, passing within an inch of each other at death defying speeds. In one trick called the Cross of Death, one rider Ioops-the-loop, as the other spins around horizontally.

The entrance fee to Funderland is 20p and once inside patrons pay as they go. 

Funderland takes place from 26 December 1982 to 23 January 1983.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 December 1982.