In an effort to broaden the appeal of Kilkenny Arts Week to a wider audience, organisers have invited a carnival group 'The Welfare State' to provide street performances.

Festival organiser Ian Coulter speaks to RTÉ reporter Michael Ryan about why The Welfare State were chosen to perform their show title 'On The Loose' on the streets of Kilkenny during the day and in the hotels and pubs at night. The objective is to provide a stimulus for younger people to get involved in making music and musical instruments. Ian Coulter says that Welfare State International will

Add a sense of vitality to the streets of Kilkenny

Peter Moser of The Welfare State group says they hope to give people who have never played music before the chance to learn and play. They hope to leave behind the legacy of a street band who will continue to play in Kilkenny.

Founded in 1968 Welfare State International is a loose association of radical artists and thinkers brought together by their shared values in the celebration of art and spectacle. Described by Michael Ryan as

The other side of the cultural coin

An RTÉ News report by Michael Ryan broadcast on 29 August 1986.