Established in 1965 by the Irish government to promote good design in Ireland, 'Anthology' visits the Kilkenny Design Workshops in 1969.

This excerpt from the programme visits the workshop where designs and crafts are on display including silver teapots and the new designs for P&T.

Once the stableyards of the Earl of Ormond, this is the location for the Kilkenny Design Workshops. 

The objective of the Kilkenny Design Workshops is

To promote good design in industry.

(RTÉ Guide, 28 November, 1969, p.4)

'Anthology: Designed in Kilkenny' surveys the Workshops and the manufacturing outlets. The programme also looks at the life of the designers, the craftsmen, the staff and the apprentices. 

This episode of 'Anthology' was broadcast on 1 December, 1969.

'Anthology' was scripted and directed by Norris Davidson.