1,300 knitters, 700 kg of wool and 800 hours of work.

In Cork, hundreds of knitters are making a giant textile record of the city's year as European Capital of Culture. The Knitting Map uses satellite views of the city translated into a pattern to map Cork during each day of 2005.

It's a case of an old craft meeting state of the art technology.

Anyone is welcome to join in the knitting with experts on hand to teach the uninitiated.

Reporter Anna Murphy speaks to Jools Gilson-Ellis, Artistic Director of The Knitting Map describes the work as "a poetic map" that makes a connection between the weather and the movement in the city. 
Murphy also speaks to some of the participants in the project. 

Elizabeth O'Dea, Administrator at The Knitting Map, describes it as an open community arts project. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast 24 August 2005. The reporter is Anna Murphy.