Lace making in Kenmare's Heritage Centre, Co. Kerry.

The Kenmare Lace Festival will run from 19th to 22nd March 2015. This festival had its origins in The Gathering Ireland 2013. 

The RTÉ 'Nationwide' team visited Kenmare, Co. Kerry in 2010. Roisín Ní Eadhra met practitioners of the art of lace making in Kenmare's Heritage Centre. The Kenmare Lace Centre is a treasure trove for lace lovers. This is an old art form being given a new lease of life. Nora Finnegan describes the work that goes on at the centre, from Kenmare Lace to Limerick Lace. Lace-makers Sineád Hennessy and Siobhán Thoma describe the process of lace making. Anna Biesma talks of the financial rewards of the craft. Patricia Marsh describes it as a contemplative craft that can make you happy. 

Lace-making in Kenmare is heralded as bringing many families out of poverty in the late 19th century; and eventually, Kenmare lace was recognised globally as prestigious and costly, with even Queen Victoria commissioning some special pieces of her own! After decades in decline...Kenmare lace-making is seeing a revival.

This episode of Nationwide was broadcast on 3 November, 2010.

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