Chairoplanes, merry-go-rounds, bumpers, swings and various other fairground attractions.

Bill O'Herlihy takes us on a trip around one of Ireland's travelling carnivals.

While very little has changed at the fairground over the years, Bill meets some of the people that work at the fair to find out how much fun it is for them.   

Roll up, roll up and step back in time. For the kids, there's enchantment.  For people like us, there are memories. Nothing seems to have changed. A few fresh coats of paint everywhere, that's all that's new.

Georgie Piper, the fairground boss who was born into the business, tells Bill about the decline in business over recent years as competition emerges from other forms of entertainment like television, cinema, dances and bingo tempting his customers away.  For Georgie, it is becoming more and more difficult to find people willing to work in the fairground because of the unsociable hours.  

This episode of 'Newsbeat' was broadcast on 9 October 1967. The reporter is Bill O'Herlihy.