Ireland's top bodybuilders are in Dublin competing for the Irish titles.

Male and female bodybuilders have gathered in the Royal Marine Hotel in Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin to take part in the Mr and Miss Olympic World 1982 bodybuilding contest.

British bodybuilder Bill Hemsworth explains that bodybuilding is about symmetry rather than just having big muscles.

A lot of people think you're looking for the biggest guy on there, but that isn't always the case, it’s symmetrical.

He agrees that special diets are important for bodybuilding but steroids are frowned upon.

Were trying to keep steroids out of the game, but steroids are in most sports, most strength sports now, and it’s very, very difficult to find out.

Bill Hemsworth is impressed with how rapidly the Irish bodybuilding scene has developed and says the Irish competitors performed well in the Mr Universe Contest. He is convinced bodybuilder Sean Bullman from Limerick will go on to be Mr Britain in the next few years.

While Sean Bullman loves the applause and showmanship of bodybuilding but says it is a very tough sport. He trains hard but also has to know his body and how to put on muscle without putting on fat. He is quick to dispel the myth that bodybuilders muscle turns to fat if they have a day off.

It's what you put into your mouth that will make you fat.

His diet is not extraordinary, just small amounts of meat, fish, chicken and cheese. All vegetables are good.

Female bodybuilder Brenda Dowey is very careful with her diet and takes food supplements when training hard. She is a self confessed fitness fanatic who got into the sport when her husband was training and she became hooked. She does not believe she is harming her body.

I simply have the same muscles in my body that every other woman has, and I have them very well toned you could say.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 November 1982. The reporter is Conall Ó Móráin.