Top American wrestling coach spends a week with young people in Limerick.

Bob Skelton an experienced coach and one of the mentors of the US Olympic Wrestling Team was at the Southill Boxing Club. Bob makes it clear that amateur wrestling is very different to the "grunt and groan shows" that you see on television.

People you see on television are staged. They're actors.

Daily coaching sessions were provided for one week to young aspiring wrestlers. Bob Skelton is impressed with the enthusiasm of the youngsters and comments,

Some of the girls are as tough as some of the guys. There's some great potential here...

Bringing an American wrestler to Limerick was the brainchild of local curate Father Joe Young. He argues that young people in the area need an outlet for their energy and hopes to be able set up a wrestling club in Limerick.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 August 1986.