The fastest sailing boats in the world are in Dun Laoghaire for the Round Europe Yacht Race.

The fourth leg of the 3,000-mile race around Europe was a 25-mile course around Dublin Bay won by Jefferson Services craft in two hours eighteen minutes. 

It's a Grand Prix of Europe. Catamaran and multihull yachts that sit on the water in sport said one skipper that's like standing fully dressed in a shower tearing up hundred pound notes.

The cost of participating is around £2 million requiring sponsorship by multi-national corporations, with a crew following each boat from port to port along the route. The boats are designed for speed. There isn't even a toilet on board and the crew sleep on the nets slung between the hulls. 

On every deck a choreographed battle takes place with the elements, hoisting sails as high as fully grown cedar trees.

As the yachts leave Dun Laoghaire, they face the open sea and a 48-hour race to France. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 July 1987. The reporter is Gerry Reynolds.