Security was tight at Croke Park as fans enter the stadium to see U2 play Dublin as part of the Joshua Tree Tour.

RTÉ News met some of the fans, who despite the queues and the bad weather were very much looking forward to seeing U2 perform. 

Fans believe the £15 a ticket was a price worth paying. Promoter Jim Aiken speaks about the big music acts who have been to Dublin. While Ronnie Drew and John McKenna from The Dubliners joke about their part in the U2's success. 

We are very pleased with how well U2 have come on since they appeared on The Late Late Show with us. It's been a great break for them. We're very proud of them.

Support acts at Croke Park included Light A Big Fire, The Dubliners, The Pogues, and Lou Reed.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 June 1987. The reporter is Gerry Reynolds.