Bono, and billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates have been selected as Time magazines 'Persons of the Year'. This is the 82nd year that the magazine has honoured the people it believes have had the greatest effect on world news.

2005 saw Bono take centre stage with his band U2 and politically in areas such as debt relief and poverty. His work brought him in contact with the world's richest couple, Bill and Melinda Gates. All three have now been named persons of the year by Time Magazine.

Describing the three as 'Good Samaritans', the magazine said they were being honoured because of their work in the area of debt relief and the eradication of poverty and diseases such as AIDS and malaria. 

James Kelly, Managing Editor of Time Magazine says,

They really approached the issue of world poverty and extreme poverty in a different way... helping these people help themselves.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 December 2005. The reporter is Sinéad Crowley.