U2's Bono takes on a new role as guest editor of the London Independent.

With Bono editing news from Africa is moved to the front pages of the Independent.

Just six and a half thousand Africans died today from preventable, treatable disease.

This special issue of the London publication is littered with celebrity guest writers including Bob Geldof, Stella McCartney, The Edge and Damian Hirst.

At the forefront of Bono's message was to raise awareness of the fight against AIDS in Africa, with half of the revenue of today's sales going to his 'Red' campaign.

African students studying at Kimmage Manor in Dublin talk about how issue of the newspaper will help bring attention to issues.

On his decision to take on the role as editor Bono says,

I am a self-indulgent rock star trying to, you know... use my Catholic guilt to some end... whatever the motivation to these things isn't really important. It's the result.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 May 2006. The reporter is Kathleen Mac Mahon.