Bono, lead singer with U2, talks to Gay Byrne about making the video for 'New Year's Day', playing the Dandelion market and why he thinks drugs are boring. He also introduces his wife Ali.

Presenter Gay Byrne interviews Bono of U2. Bono wears a sleeveless denim jacket over a leather jacket. The front of his hair is dyed blonde. Bono talks about making the video for the single 'New Year's Day’ which is to be on the band’s new album ‘War’. He talks about being a singer in the band and learning the business of rock and roll. He recalls the band’s early gigs including those at the Dandelion Market.

Gay Byrne asks are the band new wave, punk rock or pop or what category?

Bono replies,

We are called U2, Gay that’s it.

He says he doesn’t like to put a label on what U2 do. Asked about the clean living and religious image the band have, Bono says he is not into drugs and does not consider himself religious but has a personal belief in God.

Bono introduces his wife Ali who is sitting in the audience.

This is part of Bono's first interview on The Late Late Show broadcast on 22 January 1983. U2 had played on the show in January 1980.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 22 January 1983.