All proceeds from the U2 song Sweetest Thing about Bono's wife Ali will go to the Chernobyl Children's Trust.

U2 use the streets of Dublin for the filming of the video for their latest single 'Sweetest Thing'.

The song was originally written for Bono's wife Ali after he had missed her birthday. Ali subsequently claimed all proceeds from the song for her favourite charity 'The Chernobyl Children's Project'. 

Speaking to RTÉ News about the song, Bono explains the background to the song and how all publishing money will go to the Chernobyl charity.

Ali has demanded the publishing because she says it's her song.

Ali wrote a letter to Edge, Larry and Adam claiming the song as her own and demanding the cash. They agreed as long as she would appear in the video.

If she was gonna get the cash, she had to do something.

The video also features Boyzone, dancer Jean Butler, and boxer Steve Collins

The single is due to be released on 19 October. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 September 1998. The reporter is Cathy Milner.