Dave Fanning travels to the northern Italian town of Modena where U2 are performing on their Joshua Tree tour.

A 'Visual Eyes' special captures the atmosphere of  being on the road with U2. with an outdoor show in a football stadium Modena, near Bologna. The report features interviews with all four members of the band, as well as members of the crew. 

U2 meet the Lord Mayor and local dignitaries of Modena and receive the Freedom of the City. Dave Fanning chats to guitarist The Edge about the honours they receive along the road and the ups and downs of touring and their hectic schedule. 

U2 Manager Paul McGuinness describes U2 as an organisation which requires careful planning. 

The shows that we'll be doing in twelve months time are in some stage of preparation even now.

Assistant Production Manager Tom Mullally outlines the logistics of a tour and how the constant communication with the U2 offices in Dublin and the United States, as well as with accountants and promoters. 

Drummer Larry Mullen is philosophical about the band's success saying

It's Only Rock 'n Roll.

After the show in Modena, Bono chats to Dave about how the fans differ from place to place but how playing Dublin is more important to them than playing America or England.

You don't want to fall flat on your face where you live.

This episode of 'Visual Eyes' was broadcast on 26 June 1987. The presenter is Dave Fanning.