The razmataz of the opening night of U2's nightclub 'The Kitchen' in the Clarence Hotel, Dublin.

The Kitchen offers two bars to Temple Bar's late-night clubbers and of course, a dance floor. 

"Here is where the young and the beautiful will mingle."

U2 open a nightclub, The Kitchen in the Clarence Hotel in Dublin. The report shows the interior of The Kitchen before the crowds arrive. 

The manager of the club Nodd McDonagh talks about the type of crowd he hopes that The Kitchen will attract - an older more sophisticated crowd. 

MACNAS imitations of U2 members put on a display for the grand opening before the real-life band members arrived. 

Bono is hoping that the club will be frequented by people who are cool enough to leave him alone, and explains that there is no VIP room. He hopes that everybody who comes to the club will get special treatment. 

An RTÉ News broadcast on 15 February 1994. The reporter is Colm Connolly.