In 1989 Peter Rowen was on 'Scratch Saturday' in a segment of the show where the audience had to identify a mystery guest.

Peter Rowen appeared on the cover of two U2 albums, 'Boy' (1980) and 'War' (1983). He had also appeared on the cover of the band's debut EP 'Three'. Peter is the younger brother of artist, Virgin Prune and friend of Bono, Guggi. 

Peter Rowen now spends his time on the other side of the camera as a photographer.

This episode of Scratch Saturday was broadcast on 25 November, 1989.

'Scratch Saturday' was a young people's programme which ran from the late '80s into the nineties. The programme was presented by a team including Mary Kingston, Brian Graham, Brian Reddin, Teresa Smith and Andy Ruane. The programme included music, videos, reviews and issues of interest to young people.