Après Match bring their impression of U2 band members Bono, The Edge and Larry Mullen Junior to The Late Late Show..

The Après Match comedy team Gary Cooke, Risteárd Cooper and Barry Murphy appear on 'The Late Late Show' in the guise of U2 band members, frontman Bono, guitarist The Edge and drummer Larry Mullen Junior. Bass player Adam Clayton is not present as he is in studio six recording ‘Winning Streak’.

Collectively the band is worth £475 million leading Larry to interject,

Don’t believe all you read, and also by the end of the night if Adam does well it could be £476 million.

Their latest album sees U2 returning to their northside roots,

We’re just like 40 year old teenagers.

As as freemen of Dublin, the members of U2 have the right to take sheep grazing on St Stephen's Green. In a dream the sheep came to Bono and told him,

Get thee to America and tell the Americans there is no foot and mouth.

When not playing music, Larry enjoys gardening, Bono likes to reduce third world debt and Edge is working on his Ronan Keating impersonation for the British television show ‘Stars in Their Eyes’.

The band treat ‘The Late Late Show’ audience to the world premier of their latest single ‘Tonight (That’s Right)’, a track so exceptional it will only be released in Inchicore.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 4 May 2001. The presenter is Pat Kenny.