Nearly five years since their last tour, Zoo TV, U2 are back on the road.

U2 began their latest world tour 'PopMart' in Las Vegas and are due to perform in sixty cities in twenty countries before the end of 1997.

Here in America's glitziest city, U2 are making an impact.

At the Sam Boyd Stadium, U2's manager Paul McGuinness gives the world's press the first look at the 

Supermarket spectacle that is PopMart.

McGuinness also says that Dublin is the most difficult place in the whole world to put on a show. If all goes to plan, U2 will bring the PopMart tour to Dublin's Phoenix Park on 10 August.

40,000 fans filed into the desert venue travelling from all over the world for the first night of the tour. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 April 1997. The reporter is Mark Little.