The Band For the Future, the 80s or 90s Who Knows?


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U2 play 'Stories for Boys' on their first appearance on 'The Late Late Show.'.

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    First Late Late for U2
  • 1st Broadcast
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    Gay Byrne (Presenter)
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    The Late Late Show
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    The Band For the Future, the 80s or 90s Who Knows?
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    The first part of this edition of 'The Late Late Show' was given over to a discussion on young people in Ireland. Twenty year old John McKenna was part of the panel and is asked by Gay Byrne to introduce U2. McKenna introduces the band with, "Ladies and gentlemen what can I say about these august men, these titans among rock and rollers? Dave McCullough's, Jude Carr's mine and yours the band for the future, the 80s or 90s who knows? U2."

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    'The Late Late Show' was intended to be a summer "filler" but proved so successful with the public that it became part of the regular schedule. The idea for the programme came from the show's producer, Tom McGrath, who wanted to present an Irish version of the American talk show 'The Tonight Show'. Gay Byrne was to be the show's presenter and would remain so for the next 37 years. Tom McGrath's original idea was that the show would be informal and have the feel of people dropping in for chat. 'The Late Late Show' became an important forum for the airing and debating of many issues in a changing Irish society. The first programme of 'The Late Late Show' was broadcast at 11.20 pm, 6 July 1962. At the time, it was unusual to have a live talk and entertainment show on so late in the day's viewing. Pat Kenny replaced Gay Byrne as presenter in 1999 and remained in that position for ten years. The programme is still running today and is presented by Ryan Tubridy.

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