When Bono and his wife Ali spent New Year's Eve 1995 in Sarajevo, Bono promised to bring the band on his next visit. Nationwide reports on U2's visit to Sarajevo and asks the fans what is means to them.

In a special report for Nationwide Diarmuid Peavoy went to Sarajevo to see the efforts to stage a U2 concert.

Steve Iredale and John Giddings talk about the challenges in bringing Popmart to a country that is recovering from a war.

Paul McGuinness explains how the costs of the PopMart tour work and how staging the concert in Sarajevo is not done to make a profit.

Fans and Bosnia ambassador, Mohammed Sacerby tell Diarmuid Peavoy what it means to have U2 play in Sarajevo.

Bono explains why U2 were so keen to come to Sarajevo. 

Guitar technician Dallas Schoo shows Diarmuid Peavoy the range of guitars used by the Edge.

The report shows U2 arriving at the airport. Bono presenting a first volume of Yeats' poetry to President Lija Izetbegovic. Bono singing 'Miss Sarajevo' in the back of a car.