Sun shines as thousands of fans head to Slane Castle to see Guns N' Roses.

The mood of the fans had been good-humoured all day, right from early morning when young people started to stream down the approaches to Slane Castle.  

For many with a business eye, the event was a God-sent chance to peddle their wares. Concert goers passed through security checks manned by uniformed Gardaí. Whatever drinking was to be done had to consumed outside the concert area.  

A more refined atmosphere predominated in the VIP area where the champagne flowed. Slane Castle owner Lord Henry Mountcharles was keeping his fingers crossed that everything would go smoothly. 

By mid-afternoon, the giant natural amphitheatre had begun to fill up, and the first of the support groups was on the stage. Trouble was the last thing on the minds of the fans, 

It’s a good crowd, you know, they’re only here to hear the music, they’re not here to fight or anything like that.

An RTÉ News report first broadcast on 16 May 1992. The reporter is Tom Kelly.