On 31 March 1961 the 112-year-old West Cork railway line closed.

The line ran from Cork City to Bantry in the west, Baltimore in the south and Kinsale in the east, with stops along the way. At a time when there was little in the way of alternative public transport, the loss of the rail links meant the end of a transport and communications link to large towns for many living in rural parts of Cork.

On the announcement of plans to close the line, the West Cork Railways Association rallied public support and a 'Save Our Railways Committee' was established. The decision by CIE to close the line was met with protest, but the preservation of this part of the rail network was not to be. 

This footage shows a small steam train running along a stretch of track and a wrought iron bridge, people crossing the tracks at a level crossing and the now disused Baltimore Station, where much of the track has been removed since its closure.

 An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 April 1962. The clip is mute.