Students from the College of Marketing and Design in Mountjoy Square are busy painting a mural at a building site in Parnell Square.

Student Neil Meehan explains the purpose of what they are doing. The project came about when the college was approached by PJ Walls construction. Over the past few months first and second-year students at the college came up with a design.

They have the week off from normal lectures to take their art to the streets.

Classes are suspended for the week to complete the mural. The work is documented and will form part of the students final assessment.  

Bernadette Burns a teacher at the college outlines some of the benefits of student art being created on the streets. She feels there are gains for education and the city of Dublin with a project like this.

The public are also very enthusiastic about the student work with one man saying,

I think if they were let go on some of the old buildings in Dublin, they could do restoration on them as well.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 March 1982.