Annette Moloney fulfils an ambition when she becomes a make-up artist for a day at RTÉ and works her magic on presenter Richard Crowley.

Intermediate Certificate student Annette Moloney from Limerick got the opportunity to work in the RTÉ Make-Up Department when she wrote into the ‘Secret Ambitions’ competition section of ‘Evening Extra’.

Presenter Richard Crowley chats to Annette while she completes his

Usual four hours of beauty treatment.

While Annette has been taught lots of new skills in the Make-Up Department, she also got to visit the set of the RTÉ daytime television programme 'Live at 3' in Studio 4. There she met presenter Derek Davis and singer Josef Locke.

Now that Annette has a taste of being a make-up artiste she is convinced it is the career for her.

I'd love to do work in the Make-Up Department.

Richard jokingly advises her to be a television presenter

Because we do nothing and we get lots of money.

This episode of ‘Evening Extra’ was broadcast on 13 March 1987. The presenter is Richard Crowley.