The aftermath of Bloody Sunday at the Bogside in Derry.

Bullet holes scar the city, black flags are raised and shops remain closed in the aftermath of the killings in Derry.

Any remaining vestige of trust that the people here may have retained in British army impartiality and justice has now completely evaporated.

Thirteen civilians were shot dead in Derry the previous day in what is being described as 'wilful murder' and not a single British soldier was injured by a bullet. However, the British soldiers claim that they were shot at first by the people of the Bogside.

This report shows shots of various locations around Derry and evidence of the events of the previous day. One man is almost lost for words to describe how he feels and comments on the futility of what happened.

Any half civilised person must have felt sick, sick as could be yesterday... when they saw dead bodies lying around the place. Innocent people lying on the ground being shot by British troops.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 31 January 1972. The reporter is Seán Duignan