In Derry, a year after the events of Bloody Sunday, there are fears about how the violence has marked the children of the city.

On the first anniversary of the Bloody Sunday Bogside Massacre, the people of Derry gather to mourn the loss of the twenty-eight civilians who lost their lives. What effect has the violence had on the children of Derry?

Death in Derry has become commonplace.

As people of all ages gather to remember the dead and the injured, this 'Tangents' report asks what is the inheritance for the children of Derry from the years of violence. 

Teachers in the area describe the impact of violence on the young people of Derry and what has been done to combat any long term effects. 

For many of the teachers, the children of Derry have become too dependent on adults as they have been constantly comforted and protected as a result of the tragedy they have witnessed. The teachers point out that many of the children have a lack of ability to concentrate, as anxieties and stresses felt by parents filter down to their children. 

These are the children of the Creggan, all shapes and sizes like most kids anywhere but with that ebullience and vigour and cheekiness which is characteristic of the children of Derry.

This episode of 'Tangents' was broadcast on 30 January 1973.

A miscellany of events, entertainment, opinions and personalities, 'Tangents' was first aired on Monday 25 September 1972 and ran until 1974. Tangents was presented by Cathal O'Shannon and Doireann Ní Bhriain on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and by John O'Donoghue each Tuesday.