RTÉ News gets the Official IRA reaction to the shooting dead of 13 civilians by the British army in Derry.

Two hooded and unidentified members of the Official IRA (Irish Republican Army) agreed to be interviewed with their backs to the RTÉ camera. One spokesman explains the objective of the march against internment and describes the violence which followed, refuting claims made by the British army.

The official IRA policy was that all guns were called to a centralised point. We'd absolutely no intention of using guns because like we could never see the murder which happened today by the British army.

According to the spokesman members of the IRA participated in the march organised by the Civil Rights Association (CRA). They were protesting against internment as citizens and unarmed. When the barricades were erected by the British army, they then used a water canon and gas on the protesters. As the protesters withdrew, the British army pursued them, shooting tear gas and hundreds of rubber bullets.

The British army then began spraying the crowd with automatic weapons.

Members of the Official IRA then took up sniping positions outside the area where the riot was taking place and outside the barricades.

The British army statement that they only opened up and they only returned fire after they were attacked by gun men, nail bomb and petrol bombers is completely untrue and this statement can be verified by anybody who was on the scene at the time.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 January 1972. The reporter is Eddie Barrett.