Students from a Dublin secondary school campaign to free a whale from captivity in SeaWorld, Florida.

The students at Moyle Park College in Clondalkin in West Dublin have made what they claim is the longest banner in the world. Measuring over two and a half kilometres the banner is made up of 15,000 panels, in many languages representing students from four different continents.

The banner is part of a campaign to free a killer whale named Korky from captivity. Korky, also known as Shamu, lives in the SeaWorld Aquarium in Florida and has been there since 1969. One Moyle Park student told RTÉ News

There's a lot of people who are not happy about it and it's not right that he is held in captivity and he's been there for a long time.

The banner went on display for the first time in the sports ground of Moyle Park College, where the campaign has begun for the "Freeing of the Seaworld One".

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 November 1996. The reporter is Sean Whelan.