Marking the first anniversary of the death of George Best, the Ulster Bank is producing one million five pound notes to commemorate the Belfast soccer star.

Belfast City Airport has already been renamed after the Northern Irish sporting hero and George Best's family are delighted with this latest tribute with his father Dickie Best saying

It’s one of the many tributes but I suppose at the moment this is probably one of the best.

Even before the Best notes have been officially launched, they are being sought by collectors as far away as Brazil and Australia, with an asking price of over 70 euro.

Banknote specialist Barnaby Faull says banks are usually conservative and tend to put historical figures on their notes. He thinks historical figures do not mean that much to young people but,

Everybody has heard of George Best, a lot of kids love football, it’s relevant, it means something to people.

Despite the demand the Ulster Bank says nobody should have to pay more than the face value for the Best fiver.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 November 2006. The reporter is Brendan Wright.