Dubliner Ronnie Drew is honoured in Ireland's Walk of Fame at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

An indelible mark for an immeasurable figure

Legendary folk musician Ronnie Drew has been honoured in a ceremony adding him to Ireland's Walk of Fame. The Dubliners' singer today cast his handprints for a permanent bronze plaque that will be displayed outside Dublin's Gaiety Theatre.

With over 40 years in folk music behind him, Ronnie Drew is the equivalent to royalty in Dublin. The ever-humble Ronnie had this to say to RTÉ News at the ceremony

I'm just a journey man. I tell a story, sing a song and I've made a living out of it.

In 2001 the Gaiety Theatre launched its 'Walk of Fame' with luminaries like Maureen Potter, Luciano Pavarotti and John B Keane leaving their mark. Two more famous names are expected to be added to the list in the next year.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 August 2006. The reporter is Clare Murphy.