£10 million face lift proposed for Dublin city centre and the establishment of a Metropolitan Streets Commission.

Minister for the Environment John Boland outlined plans for the establishment of the commission at a press conference. The new body will be responsible for all planning for Dublin city centre including all the main thoroughfares. 

The commission will be given sweeping powers to transfer the centre of Dublin into a showcase of world capitals.

It is planned to give the Metropolitan Streets Commission the power to ban or remove illegal advertising signs, and to re-designate the use of buildings will . Objectives of the new plan include the development of a new central mall for O'Connell Street improved security with new Garda kiosks and a reduction on heavy city centre traffic. 

Speaking to Minister Boland on Dublin's O'Connell Street, reporter Charlie Bird asked him if was possible to change the "honky tonk" image of Dublin's main thoroughfare. Mr Boland is confident that the commission will have the power to deal with all the issues, and encourage a more pedestrian lifestyle in the city.   

An RTÉ News report by Charlie Bird broadcast on 17 June 1986.