Dublin is one of the dirtiest cities in Europe according to a report from Ireland's tourist board.

There is a growing litter problem in Dublin and for Michael McNulty, Director General of Bord Fáilte, it is a problem of individual responsibility.

Dublin is undoubtedly one of the dirtiest cities in Europe and that's official.

Michael McNulty is calling for a clean up on the back of research on what tourists are saying about the city. 

Litter is now a major problem in Ireland.

Over the past year, fifteen thousand tonnes of litter was collected from the streets of Dublin at a cost of six million pounds. This does not include household refuse but refers to scraps of paper, cardboard boxes, bus tickets, and other bits of rubbish. 

The streets of Dublin are swept twice as often as other European cities yet the litter mountain continues to build up. 

Michael McNulty says that in the next six months, the attention of the world media will never be so strong in the country with the visit of US President Ronald Reagan and Ireland's presidency of the European Community. He believes that it is very important to show Ireland at its best. A different attitude to litter must begin with Individual attitudes.

If people in Ireland spent ten minutes a day cleaning their own patch, we'd solve the litter problem overnight. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 April 1984. The reporter is Mícheál Ó Briain.