Colder weather sees Dublin smog levels reach an all time high as people burn fuel to heat their homes.

Ballyfermot in west Dublin is one of the worst areas hit by the air pollution having broken limits set by the European Community on three consecutive days over the last week. 

The smog is caused by huge numbers of people lighting fires in the very cold weather.

Due to its dense population, areas like Ballyfermot suffer worst. Doctors are now advising people with heart and lung ailments to stay indoors if possible. If they have to go out, they are being advised to cover their noses and mouths with scarves. 

In an effort to deal with the growing smog problem, the government is expected to announce certain areas of the city as smoke-free zones. 

Noel Carroll, Public Relations Officer at Dublin Corporation, comments on the unpleasant conditions and the warnings which people have been given. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 November 1988. The reporter is Joe O'Brien.