Good news for the environment as unleaded petrol goes on sale in Ireland for the first time.

Following years of campaigning by environmentalists to have lead removed from petrol, motorists will now have the option to buy unleaded fuel at petrol stations throughout Ireland. The new unleaded petrol will cost about 4 pence more per gallon than regular petrol. However, at present only one-third of Irish cars are equipped to use unleaded petrol. From 1989 onwards all new cars will be able to use unleaded petrol.

The first gallon of unleaded petrol was bought at Walkinstown Esso Service Station by the Minister for the Environment John Boland. Commenting on the availability of unleaded petrol he said

We'll have a cleaner environment obviously. In the urban context people will be less conscious of fumes...

All countries in the European Community are required to have unleaded petrol available by 1989.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 October 1986. The reporter is Michael Roynane.