In 1991 ESB electricians went on strike over a pay dispute for five days causing power cuts throughout Ireland.

One of the areas most affected by the power cuts was Ballymun in north Dublin. Those living in the high-rise flats faced problems with the lifts not working.

One resident comments

There's women have to go fourteen floors with their shopping and the children

Several people had to be rescued by the fire brigade after being caught in lifts when the power went off. 

Another resident living on the thirteenth floor describes her current living conditions with no water as the water pump is out of action due to power cuts.

Local businesses have also been affected with one owner of 'JD's Fast Food' fish and chip shop saying his business is down 70%.

Traffic across the city has also been affected by the cuts with traffic lights off due to power cuts.

An RTÉ News report by Bob Powell broadcast on 25 April 1991.