People of Ballymun in North Dublin want the opportunity for their children to be educated through the Irish language.

With a population of 13,000 people, Ballymun has four primary schools - two for girls and two for boys. All are English language schools and many parents are now demanding the opportunity to have their children educated through the Irish language.

Parents in the area have put together a committee to lobby for the provision of an Irish language school, with many fearing that their children are losing the connection with their national identity and culture. However, the committee is facing many challenges in achieving their objectives. Local man Brendan Pringle explains the background to the demand for an Irish language school.

People in this area are all English speaking. We have no background or any stronghold of Irish language in this area. It was just a feeling people had.

Reporter Eamonn O' Muirí also speaks to other parents about why they would like their children to learn Irish.

I thinks it will enrich the children themselves the extra knowledge of knowing two languages. Knowing their own language when they go on holidays.   

A 'Feách' report by Eamonn O' Muirí broadcast on 21 June 1971.