Opposing views on the Irish language and the State's role in its revival.

In October 1967 the Irish language brought people out of their homes and on to the streets of Dublin city. At the General Post Office a pro Irish language meeting of predominantly young people expressed their commitment to the language. At the same time the Language Freedom Movement held a public meeting at the Mansion House in an effort to educate people about the organisation and its objectives.

Reporter John O'Donoghue meets some of those in attendance before and after the meeting to get their views on the Irish language. One man comments,

If we lose the Irish language, we'll be the same as the English. We'll be English in the eyes of the world.

The Language Freedom Movement was an organisation opposed to the state control of Irish language.

A 'Seven Days' report by Brian Cleeve and John O'Donoghue broadcast on 6 October 1967.