Hook Head Lighthouse in county Wexford has a rotation of six keepers, who carry out all the maintenance tasks to keep the light and other telecommunications equipment working. But this is all about to change.

As lighthouse keepers are being replaced by automated systems, Nationwide visits the lighthouse at Hook Head which has a long history of protecting the seas.

The lamp from the lighthouse at Hook Head is visible from over 15 miles away. 

Since the 12th century the Hook Head light has cast its friendly eye out to sea.

Tucks Tweedy Principal Keeper with 36 years service tells reporter Tom Kelly about the history of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse was built by William Marshall over 800 years ago. The first light keepers were local monks. 

Lighthouse Keeping is a way of life that requires professionalism and dedication, and Tucks describes the de-manning of the lighthouse as 

A wrench... to see the service discontinued.

Tucks talks about the future safety of the waters without the human element of supervision, and its replacement with automated computerisation. Assistant Keeper Pádraig Ó Direáin tells a story of a ship wreck he witnessed and how the lighthouse keepers came to the rescue.

This episode of 'Nationwide' was broadcast on 28 February 1996.