This episode of 'The Long Note' examines the story of the Phoenix Park Murders of 1882 and the ballads and songs that were written about the event, specifically a group known as The National Invincibles who were responsible for the killings.

On 6 May 1882 two of the most important representatives of English rule in Ireland were murdered in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. They were  Lord Frederick Cavendish, the newly appointed secretary and Thomas Henry Burke the Under-Secretary. They were killed by a secret society known as 'The National Invincibles'. 

Dubliner and traditional Irish music singer Frank Harte performs a contemporary ballad called 'The Foregoing Song' written about The Invincibles.

The Invincibles aim was to, 

Assassinate the principal tyrants of the country thereby forcing the withdrawal of the English government.

Two members of the Invincibles, Joe Brady and Tim Kelly, stabbed Cavendish and Burke to death with surgical knives.

This episode of 'The Long Note' was broadcast on 23 February 1981.