Leonard Nimoy makes an appearance on The Late Late Show where he chats about his life as Spock, the Star Trek character he has played for 30 years.

Leonard Nimoy wrote two volumes of an autobiography called 'I Am Not Spock' (1975) and 'I Am Spock' (1995), both of which explore the nature of his public and private persona. Following the publication of the first volume, many Star Trek fans thought that Nimoy was attempting to disassociate himself from his character Spock. In the second volume published twenty years later he reflects on his affinity with the character.

I've had a wonderful, wonderful career as a result of Star Trek and Mr Spock, and I consider the character a very positive role model.

On the character of Spock, he comments

Spock has that balance of logic and emotion.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 24 November 1995. The presenter is Gay Byrne.