Mrs Joan Chapman has never flown before and is very nervous at the prospect.

She explains her reluctance to fly

I don’t like the idea of it, being way up there

Accompanied by Aer Lingus Chief Hostess Europe Liz Howard and Press Officer Mary Maher Mrs Chapman undertook a self imposed test-flight from Dublin to Shannon.

While Mrs Chapman confessed to being a bit nervous on take-off, and her knees were knocking a bit, she soon regained her composure.

On the return flight from Shannon, she was a changed woman, the nervous tension had completely disappeared. She found the experience so pleasant she forgot she was flying at all. Indeed she could have gone on flying.

Deciding there really is nothing to it, she will fly again once the excitement has died down.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 August 1980. The reporter is Micheál Ó Briain.