A Scratch Saturday report on teenage pregnancy.

He couldn't handle it so I didn't expect him to stay around.

Anne, who became pregnant at 17, speaks to Eileen Heron about her experience of being young, pregnant and unmarried. Anne has been rejected by her parents and her boyfriend. She has taken refuge with a order of nuns in Dunboyne, Co. Meath, but is very positive and determined not to give up her baby. Anne says that she believes men expect women to be responsible for contraception. 

This episode of 'Scratch Saturday' was broadcast on 31 March 1990.

'Scratch Saturday' was a young people's programme which ran from the late '80s into the nineties. The programme was presented by a team including Mary Kingston, Brian Graham, Brian Reddin, Teresa Smith and Andy Ruane. The programme included music, videos, reviews and issues of interest to young people.