Mayo secondary school teachers say teenage students are turning up for school hungover.

The idea of teenage students turning up in the classroom with hangovers may seem far-fetched to some. But a number of Mayo secondary school teachers have experienced this problem and have called for a clampdown on under age drinking in the county.

Tom Higgins, a member of a group behind the clampdown on under age drinking, has been told by second level teachers that a number of pupils visit pubs at lunchtime supposedly to play pool, but the students are actually drinking in the bars.

Father Benny McHale believes there is a serious under age drinking problem in the county and the introduction of an identity card scheme would curtail the matter. He explains how the identity card scheme works and hopes publicans will participate and accept the ideas behind the identity cards.

Tom Higgins has experienced the identity card system working well in America and says

The great majority of publicans and hoteliers in Mayo have absolutely no interest in serving under age people, but there are a few.

The identity cards cost 50 pence each and will be issued to every school in County Mayo. Organisers hope similar schemes will be introduced in every county in the country.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 January 1981. The reporter is Jim Fahy.