A dramatic insight into alcoholism in Ireland and the repercussions of alcohol abuse across different demographic backgrounds.

'Dying for a Drink' is a drama-documentary which looks at the lives of three people of different ages and from different demographic backgrounds, who have one thing in common. They all suffer from alcoholism. The programme examines how different people go from alcohol use to alcohol abuse and looks at the serious repercussions for themselves and those around them. The programme examines the secrecy, lies, shame and social stigma attached to alcoholism.

This film was based on contemporary statistics of the people most likely to be admitted to hospital suffering from alcoholic poisoning.  Ita O'Meara, aged 16, unemployed and lacking family support. Alice Finlay, aged 53, wealthy, married, bored and lonely. Joe Moroney, 28, newly married, employed but reluctant to live up to his responsibilities. Each of these individuals seek solace or escape in alcohol.

All three characters are affected by the same disease and the programme assesses their relative chances of making a full recovery. The documentary suggests that available treatment and rehabilitation can make a major contribution towards the reintegration of the individual into mainstream society.